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Vista Network Issue - "Unidentified Network" & Loss of Internet Connectivity

UPDATE: See Items in Red under "Next things to try". Ohhh Windows Vista baby, you were doing so well! Right, I logged on to my PC yesterday morning to find I had no Internet connectivity. My first port-of-call? The " Network and Sharing Centre " of course! The nice little graphic on the screen there then proceeded to tell me I was on an " Unidentified Network ". "Hmmm, that's odd" I thought. So, I think "lets fix this damn thing". I run the network diagnosis this to fix it, and I am presented with a dialog telling me that I need to reset my router - I don't really believe this, but what the hell, I reset it anyway. Still no Internet. Weird, so I then fire up the command prompt " cmd.exe " (with admin privileges) and run " ipconfig /all " to have a look at what's going on. I then see I have been assigned an APIPA address . I know this normally happens when there is a problem communicating with