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First RCP “Open Spaces” Style Session

Following on from a great three-way RCP session , wanting to keep the idea of remote programming sessions going - I’ve had another! This one was a session with a twist. There was an “Open Spaces” session planned for Saturday – sadly though, the day was cancelled. So, thanks to the marvel that is Twitter - myself, Jeremy Skinner ( @JeremySkinner ) and Mark Embling ( @splashtech ) decided (pretty much on a whim) that we will have an “Open Spaces” style RCP* session. * Still struggling to come up with a different name for this style of geek get-together.. Loose Plan Now, “Open Spaces” sessions really do rely on having, well, spaces . And since we are each sat in our home offices this proved interesting. Loosely, this is what we decided before the session: We each throw down some ideas of sessions we would like to complete (we listed these in Google Wave). We would pick the sessions we want to do as-and-when. If a session was not proving useful or productive, we wo