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HSBC "Fast Balance" App for iPhone - Unable to Verify *RESOLVED*

Wow, this is just a nice big bag of fail.. I recently downloaded HSBC "Fast Balance"  since it'll make keeping my budget up to date, but I was having epic problems registering my account with them, I kept getting an error message saying "Unable to Verify" and something about my address not matching up. Well, after trying about 500 permutations of my address, I was about ready to give up. I ended up getting on the phone to Internet Banking Support (08456 002 290) and walking through it with them.. Turns out, their address validation doesn't seem to like flat numbers. My address is similar to: Flat X A Number Some Street London POSTCODE Turns out, in order to get it to validate, I had to do this: A Number Some Street London POSTCODE Which in my mind, is a completely different address. Also keep in mind that when I log into Internet Banking, it appears exactly like the top one.. So as far as I was concerned, that's how they had it on the system. So