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Lean Startup Machine London Review

29 hours across 3 days, 25 interviews, 3 pivots, 1 idea. Last weekend I attended the Lean Startup Machine (LSM) here in London. I wasn't really sure what to expect since I don't know anyone who had already been to one. I definitely wanted to go to something practical and hands-on, because while I feel I "get" the Lean books (" The Lean Startup " and " Running Lean ") in terms of why they outline the Customer Development (I really recommend " The Startup Owners Manual " to learn about this) they do - where I was struggling was the how to do it . What's Lean Startup Machine? It's an event that will really get you focused on the first part of the 3 stages of a startup* - Problem/Solution Fit . Before we start worry about producing the end-product we need to ensure that it's designed to solve a problem that people actually have. * At least this one was - there may be future events focused on other areas. Why Should I Go to