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My First (Coding) Threesome (AKA “Remote Collaborative Programming”)

Following on from my first post on “ Remote Pairing ”, last night I took part in my first coding “ménage-et-trois”, without even having other people in the room! Sara Stephens ( @SaraS85 ) and Johnno Nolan ( @JohnnoNolan ) were kind enough to join in a 3-way “remote collaborative programming” session – now I am not sure if we are to coin this or try and get it to stick, but let’s see what happens. Session Overview We pretty much used the same tools that me and Johnno used in the remote pairing session , primarily: Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 (IDE) Git (Source Control) Live SharedView (Screen/Attachment Sharing) NUnit (Unit Testing Framework) GitHub (Git Repository Hosting) Skype (Voice Comms) Google Wave * (Session Planning) * Feel free to ping me on Twitter or something if you need an invite, I have some going, just drop us your email and I will get it sent (be warned it takes a LONG time). The only really difference is Skype, since