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CS0016 Error on ASP.NET, IIS7 and Windows Vista - SOLVED

So, I was messing with some ideas for site structure and security, and it came to my deploying the site to IIS. Now, I admit, I am still pretty new to IIS7 and Windows Vista (Home Premium), so I was expecting some issues, but this was kicked my ass for a good 45 mins ! Once I had deployed my site and browsed to it, I was getting the following error: CS0016: Could not write to output file 'c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files\… ‘Access is denied.’ (Where … is the randomly-generated DLL names created by ASP.NET ). So, I figured, “OK this is probably a permissions issue” as I have encountered similar before in XP, where the ASPNET user account needed to be added. I also know that in Vista this account is called “NETWORK SERVICE” . I then update the permissions for the “Temporary ASP.NET Files” folder in the .NET Framework folder, eagerly get back to my browser, hit F5.. Boom. No dice, same error message. After doing some digging on th

Screencast : Adding Components to an ASP.NET Web Form

So, here it is, my first ever screencast. After much encoding and re-encoding, I think I finally have a quality that is good enough. What’s Covered? In short, while working through some exercise materials for my MCAD , I was having problems adding the component to a Web Form in VS2005. The study materials stated that I should be able to drag and drop, but that was not the case.. In this screencast, I create a simple component and add it to a Web Form. Links Slides from the Screencast Component Programming Walkthroughs on MSDN IComponent Interface on MSDN MCAD Course Overview In Summary Glad I have finally got this uploaded. Now, I know it is not perfect, and I have already watched it several times and taken notes. I was considering not posting this and re-doing it, however I decided I need to spend less time (at this stage) and more getting stuff out there and getting feedback from the people that matter, you people. Please do leave feedback,

TwitteRank and Security

I have seen a lot of talk on Twitter recently following the explosion of a popular tool TwitteRank (at the time of writing, the site appeared to be taken down) and the possibility that it was actually a phishing scam for passwords . What is TwitteRank? In short, it’s a tool that produces a “score” based on your Twitter popularity . Reading the FAQ on the site, it offers no insight as to how the number is derived, but it does come up with a number. There have been plenty of tweets from people broadcasting their rank (this may/will include other messages as it is a pretty generic search term). So - I Get My TwitteRank, What’s the Best That Could Happen? Interesting question.. I am thinking: You get your TwitteRank, all your friends are jealous. Sadly you walk under a bus the next day. You then stand before the big man at the pearly gates who is checking out your rap sheet, he sees your TwitteRank and quickly becomes very apologetic and promptly ushers you to the VIP

O2 Xda “Ignito” (HTC Diamond) Inital Review

As you may have guessed from my previous post where quickly  cover Live mesh being released for Windows Mobile devices – I have recently upgraded my phone from a Sony Ericsson K800i * to a O2 Xda “Ignito” which is a O2 branded version of the HTC Touch Diamond . The Ignito is currently the latest Xda available from O2. I will spare you the details of the specs of the phone, which can be reviewed on the HTC site here . The purpose of this post is you to give you guys my honest thoughts on it, not sell it. Why an Ignito? First off, what compelled me to get the Ignito rather than another Xda offering from O2? I compared it to others available, and it has the best hardware. I am typically pretty demanding of my machines so I will always aim to get a good CPU speed and memory since I tend to multitask a lot. It also comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 which seems to have some great improvements over Windows Mobile 6 (although this is purely based on basic comparative reading – I have n