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2012: The Plan

So, here we are with another new year just around the corner. Call be boring, but this is one of my favourite times of year, not for any parties that may ensue, but because I get a chance to plan exciting things to do - and then do them . I really did a lot of ground work in 2011, which I really want to build on in 2012 - so here we go! Business Goals New category because I started this in 2011 :) Get moflo  and  dreamBIGLY  to the point where it is earning enough for myself and my co-founder back to a normal salary (we have taken a rather substantial paycut since we are  bootstrapping ). Get one charity project out of the door. Start a secondary business that is completely out of my area of expertise (software development). Financial Goals Not much to do here really, I did too good last year ;) Get investments up and running. I've been talking about this for ages - time to stop talking and start doing . Goal is 10% ROIC. Clear my last piece of debt.  I have

2011 Round-Up - How Did I Do?

Wow, doesn't time fly? I can't believe it was a year ago that I wrote this . So - how did I get on? :) Supplement income by 25% I started off with this one quite slow - I sold a few items (which dovetailed nicely with my minimalism goals) and made a few hundred pounds. Obviously, this is a long way off my goal. I then decided that is was time to take the plunge and go contracting. This then really gave my bank account the cash injection it needed and brought me up to about 20% increase. While this didn't hit my goal of 25% - it's pretty damn good because it pushed me to take a bigger step that has pretty much changed my life. Leonis Software was born. Reduce fixed outgoings by 25% Last year, I was living on my own in a 2 bedroom flat in Southampton. I was spending a small fortune commuting, not to mention had a relatively high cost of living. I was hellbent on reducing these costs. I am really, really pleased to report I have reduced my fixed outgoin