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The Big and the Baby Step – My “TNS” and “NBT”

To be productive, I think people are finally starting to catch on that doing less is actually the best way to do more . Doing less enables you to: Focus on getting the job done right first time . Not stress about how much you have to do. There are only one or two things to worry about. Spend time on actually getting tasks related to this “one thing” done since rather than managing several lists telling us everything needs to be done. So, focus on less, do more . TNS - “The Next Step” “The next step” is something that is “ the minimum required to add value ”. However, “ minimum” doesn’t mean compromise quality . Adding Value – Make A Statement The first thing you should do is establish what the step will give you: “This step will allow our users to upload content to the site” “This step will have all my household utilities set up for my new home” “This step will have me packed and prepared for my vacation” Write this down on the top of your kan

Where the Hell is Rob?

Hey Guys :) Just a very quick post to let you know that I am indeed still alive! I have just been very busy of late with: Starting a new job. Moving to a new apartment. Having a blast in Las Vegas. :) Since I have been in the new apartment, I have not had the Interwebs so I have been spending an unnatural (for a geek I guess!) amount of time offline! I’m actually back online now, so the digital noise from my direction should be picking up soon ;)