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Busy as Always & Mobile Mesh Released

Hi all! Just a quick post to let you know that I am in fact still alive. I have been moved on to another project at work, that is was in a REAL bad way (now it just “needs some work”). And that has been chewing up a lot of my time. Good news is I am now getting things under control and I have been able to spend a bit of time today catching up on my RSS and checking out some stuff. One of the hot topics from the Live Mesh team – Mesh is now available for Windows Mobile 6+ devices ! I have been REALLY looking forward to this finally coming about! I use Mesh a lot. Well this is a lie. I actually use it very little, it just works away in the background! So what does this mean? It simply means you have a reliable bit of synchronization kit that can run in the background keeping your devices and data available . I will probably start light and just having it sync some PDF’s for reading on the train on my way to work. A nice touch for default install (something I was surp

StackOverflow – Followup Since Release to Public Beta

StackOverflow has been in private beta for a while now, and the community has exploded. I thought I would take a bit of time out to review some of my thoughts following it’s release to the public. These points are not really in any order or organisation, so forgive me if it’s a bit of a poor read, I have literally been jotting down ideas for this post as and when they popped in to my head. My apologies if it’s all too random :) Some Big Names Enter the Affray So we have had a couple of big names get in to StackOverflow including: Scott Hanselman ( profile ) John Resig ( profile ) Roy Osherove ( profile ) (thanks Mendelt!) Jon Galloway ( profile ) (thanks Jon!) Phil Haack ( profile ) (thanks Jon!) Jon Skeet ( profile ) (thanks Anon!) (If anyone else has noticed some other big names, let me know and I will get this list updated) This is not only nice to see (because they are good guys) but the technical expertise they will bring to the communi