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Reflection.. "I want an upgrade" - 1 year on

Since my whole "I want to be Rob 2.0" spiel back at the end of 2010, I have been working hard in so many areas. As I look out the window at this beautiful morning, I realise that the changes have individually been subtle. But the end result has been quite profound. In the last ~12 months, I have been scared, upset, tired, haemorrhaging money and humbled. And I wouldn't change any of it. I feel more confident, passionate, well-rounded and above all - alive . How's your upgrade going? Now go be awesome.

Startup Lessons Learned: Your Idea

I have been meaning to start posting my thoughts on findings on my startup experience for a while now, and since I am now in the run-up to returning to contracting (temporarily I might add), the timing seems appropriate. I want to start with where it all began - the idea . Beware of your noisy mind Over the years, I have had lots  of ideas. I often sit there getting on my soap-box and start putting the world to rights about just how different things would be "if I were in charge" (and of course I still do). As a geek, this is natural - our very career is built on solving problems, simplifying things (or at least attempting  to). Exercise caution .   The truth is,  most of your ideas are stupid . Now, this isn't to insult your intelligence - but most ideas we come up with are spur-of-the-moment. They lack the clarity and experience that you will need to get them off the ground. My advice:  Don't write off ideas immediately, but write them down in a little