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“Being a Productive Geek”

Last night at my local NxtGenUG meeting, unfortunately our speaker couldn’t make it, so we ended up just having an informal “open space” session. I ended up at a table with some great geeks talking shop and discussing what helps us boost productivity. My “crazy sleep thing” sparked some real interest, but we also covered some great topics, and I think we missed some – so I wanted to put my thoughts down here in the hope that you can find at least one thing to help you get more out of your day . “The Crazy Sleep Thing” (Biphasic Sleep) I don’t want to go to much in to this, since quite frankly it’s more than a tip, it’s a lifestyle choice. Besides, I have blogged about this a-plenty in the past. In short, I sleep less than most other people, and in two phases. If your interested, definitely check out my previous posts . Binaural “Beats” These came up when discussing biphasic sleep, but I feel they deserve a special mention because I have found them so useful. Binaural beats a

Getting Started with DDD

What is DDD? DDD is Domain Driven Design . It is a design paradigm that focuses on the language used in software and it’s alignment with the business domain . It uses binding context’s to create business-centric models which solve problems as they are modelled, described and discussed by the business/industry. Why Do I Care? Software is about translation – we developers take the business problems and translate it into a solution (provided by code). We not only have the problem of finding a solution (often with tight constraints) but also having to translate all the business lingo into geekspeak. But why ? Why do we need to translate? Modern development languages have very rich support for integrating your own language into the code. Why do we add a problem that no longer needs to exist? We should focus our core efforts on finding the solution and not the translation in the middle . Perhaps oddly enough – a great way to do this is by focusing on integrating the language into