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Using Private NuGet Packages in Azure Web Sites

After wayyy too long – I’ve finally started breaking up my code into re-usable components and putting together NuGet feeds for them. In many case – I’m trying to put these together into a state that is suitable for others and releasing them as Open Source on GitHub . However, there is some code that I don’t want to go out to the public – but I still want to be able to break them up into components and generate NuGet packages for them. Enter the awesome MyGet . MyGet allows you to create your own private NuGet feeds amongst a whole load of other cool stuff – now the next challenge: how do I get Azure to build my site and restore the package from the private feed? Enable NuGet Package Restore This is super-easy, and in many cases you might have already done it . Right click the Solution and click “ Enable NuGet Package Restore ”. This will create a “.nuget” directory within your solution folder. In here are a few key files: NuGet.Config NuGet.exe NuGet.targets Now – we just

Installing Windows Live Writer on Windows 8

It’s been a LONG time since I blogged – and I figured I’m going to get back ON IT! So – first things first, I needed to install the awesome Windows Live Writer. So I Google “Windows Live Writer” – and it brings me to this download page . The problem? This installer doesn’t work on Windows 8. I get the error message: Couldn’t install programs You already have a more recent version of Windows Live. Another quick Google later – and I came across the Windows Live Essentials Page – hit the “Download now” button and you’ll be good to go :) Side Note: I know that upon expanding “System Requirements” – I can see Windows 8 isn’t listed. But it’s not immediately obvious and the browser knows my OS anyway :P