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Programmers Need Deliberate Practice

TL;DR; Consistent, effective practice is a key part of a healthy, enjoyable career. Most people practice without purpose. This means they either quit and/or learn less than they could. Read this for inspiration on how to take a more considered approach to your practice. Note: I’m English, but opted for the US English spelling of ‘Practice’ throughout (as opposed to ‘practise/practice’) to avoid confusion with the difference in spelling within the term ‘Deliberate Practice’. Practice? I think we can all agree on a couple of things: People who are experts practice often. Experts are extremely disciplined with their practice. This will generally come as no surprise when I mentioned, and people will rarely argue those points. They make sense. Thanks to the growing number of interviews and podcasts - experts are getting more limelight, and we’re getting more sneak-peeks into that practice routines, habits and rituals (podcasts like Tim Ferriss’ are awesome for this). However