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Could not load file or assembly msshrtmi or one of its dependencies

So, I recently upgraded my Azure Tools to October 2012, and everything decided to fall apart in my deployment environment . Great. Thanks Microsoft. I installed the latest tools, fixed the code caused by the breaking changes in the Azure Storage Client Library  and then having tested locally - fired off a deployment to Azure. I then got greeted with a YSOD saying: Could not load file or assembly msshrtmi or one of its dependencies Erm, say what now? I don't even have a reference to this anywhere in my project. However, I know that when that is the case, this is normally some low-level GAC'd thing that is causing the problems. A quick Google reveals that I am far from alone on this issue. I ended up trying out the steps outlined Trying out  this stackoverflow answer . I skipped over this code-based solution as frankly, it seemed way too hacky for me. I tried removing all the 'PlatformTarget' references, as mentioned here . All to no avail.. I Found This F

I'm Debt Free!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I've just logged into my Internet banking and confirmed it -  I'm finally debt free . The last payment on my last loan went out yesterday, and the only credit I have now is on a air miles card that I pay off in full every month. My money is my own again. This is awesome stuff - not only for the financial gain, but also for the immense emotional relief this gives me. To Be Cathartic.. There was a lot of bad emotion and memories attached to this loan in particular, here's some mental associations that spring to mind: Not being able to afford proper food - basically living on pasta and ketchup during the worst parts. This of course had the knock-on effect of making me unhealthy, I was sick - a lot. No hot water or heating - this actually did wonders for my ability to take cold showers! The banging of the front door as debt collectors wanted to get money I didn't have. The constant stream of red letters, legal threats, phone calls ha