2011 Round-Up - How Did I Do?

Wow, doesn't time fly? I can't believe it was a year ago that I wrote this.

So - how did I get on? :)

Supplement income by 25%

I started off with this one quite slow - I sold a few items (which dovetailed nicely with my minimalism goals) and made a few hundred pounds. Obviously, this is a long way off my goal.

I then decided that is was time to take the plunge and go contracting. This then really gave my bank account the cash injection it needed and brought me up to about 20% increase.

While this didn't hit my goal of 25% - it's pretty damn good because it pushed me to take a bigger step that has pretty much changed my life.

Leonis Software was born.

Reduce fixed outgoings by 25%

Last year, I was living on my own in a 2 bedroom flat in Southampton. I was spending a small fortune commuting, not to mention had a relatively high cost of living. I was hellbent on reducing these costs.

I am really, really pleased to report I have reduced my fixed outgoings by a whopping 68%!! This has really opened a lot of doors for me and was also a big part of enabling me to get Leonis started.

Leave the UK at least four times

Managed 3 - Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Paris. Also went to Scotland (doesn't count as UK though). Loved Amsterdam, Vegas and Scotland. Paris - not so much. Good times had all round though and I love going on flying machines!

Downsize the apartment

From 2 bedroom flat in Southampton to 4-person houseshare in central London. Done.

Launch at least one product that is *at least* self-sustaining

Our first product moflo is live, and currently paying for itself. dreamBIGLY will be live *very* soon.

Now, just need to work on PROFIT!

In summation

I am really, really happy with the progress this year. I really feel like I am back to my old productive self and now working on products that I really, really believe in.

I've already had some contact from people using moflo telling me about how it has made them less stressed and they feel more in control of their finances which really rocks my world!

Super-excited about the imminent launch of dreamBIGLY - while budgeting is important (and not as boring as people think), there is already an amazing community of incredible people that I am really looking forward to engaging with and helping them achieve their goals (as well as my own!).

While financially I do not have the massive amounts of savings I would have liked - I have made a MASSIVE change to my working life. While I may need to go back to contracting for a short while to inject more cash into the business, I really can't help but feel like it's a case of when we get the products profitable, not if.

This year has also put me on a great footing for 2012, which I think will be a lot more "fun" orientated - good times!


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