Screencast : Adding Components to an ASP.NET Web Form

So, here it is, my first ever screencast. After much encoding and re-encoding, I think I finally have a quality that is good enough.

What’s Covered?

In short, while working through some exercise materials for my MCAD, I was having problems adding the component to a Web Form in VS2005.

The study materials stated that I should be able to drag and drop, but that was not the case..

In this screencast, I create a simple component and add it to a Web Form.


In Summary

Glad I have finally got this uploaded. Now, I know it is not perfect, and I have already watched it several times and taken notes.

I was considering not posting this and re-doing it, however I decided I need to spend less time (at this stage) and more getting stuff out there and getting feedback from the people that matter, you people.

Please do leave feedback, good or bad!


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