Great Not-So-WTF-y Post on TDWTF

I read "The Daily WTF" religiously. I love it, it provides both laughs and plenty of examples of how not to code. For a newbie like me, I find these sorts of real-world examples of crappy coding, it may not necessarily show me what to do, but if you are shown enough of what not to do, then you will tend to end up somewhere on or near the right trail. We have this as children all the time, we soon learn after being sent to our room enough times that colouring in the wall with crayons is not acceptable. I can now proudly say at age 23, I have shaken this habit as I know it is wrong, and you don't need to send me to my room. :)

This morning however, it wasn't really a WTF post, but a good serious post on turnover in the IT industry, and I strongly recommend reading it. I have mentioned this to a couple of friends in the past, one thing I noticed while reading some of my favourite blog posters employment history (where available) I noticed a lot of them changed jobs frequently. Initially, I didn't know how to view this, but I came to the conclusion that its very easy for aspiring developers to become restless. 99.99% of the time, us geeks are consuming huge amounts of information, learning lots, and forever wanting to learn more, there just does not seem to be enough hours in the day. The problem with this, is that the rate of business change is far slower than that. Which simply means that with these energetic developers that are keen to "keep the pace up" they can quickly find themselves wanting more from "9-5". Is this a bad thing?

I do not run a software house or manage a software team, but my thoughts would say that even staff turnover would be bad (sorry to lose a good member of the team, pain in the ass of recruiting) I would much rather have a highly motivated team, than a team that feels they are stagnating. This is not necessarily through fault of the business, but simply, the individual outgrowing the business.

We always here it, but so few truly believe it. Embrace change!

"Up or Out: Solving the IT Turnover Crisis" Post on TDWTF

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