Its Been a While… Study, Exams, Thoughts and WoW

Hi All!

Sorry its been so long since my last post, been crazy busy of late!

Here’s a run down of the things that have been chewing up my time:

  • New project at work in ASP.NET, which is all new to me! So its been hard on the brain (trying to remain productive yet needed to consume a lot of info to *try* and make sure I do things right.
  • Study study study. Same old. Was studying extra hard since wanted to sit the 70-316 exam.
  • General thoughts (both personal and professional) that needed ironing out in my mind.
  • World of Warcraft is far too addictive, making my allotted “chill time” overrun. However, I think this is probably a good thing as I have been kinda needing it lately.

Good news is, the study and the work seems to be paying off!

I passed the 70-316 exam with a score of 906 (700 was pass mark)! Making me a happy geek! I am now studying towards 70-315 which coincides nicely with my current work project(s). This is one of the main reasons I was pushing hard for 70-316 since I desperately wanted to get into Web.

I believe thought and reflection is always good for the soul, so that always deserves some time :)

World of Warcraft is addictive! But I have started to limit my time somewhat more on there!

Expect more blog posts to follow. Good to be back on top of things :)

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