MSDN RampUp - Helping Developers on Older/Other Technologies to.. well "Ramp Up" to .NET

This came through on the MSDN Flash newsletter. Microsoft have launched a section on MSDN called "RampUp". Offering materials to help assist developers/aspiring developers that are used to working with VS 2003/2005 or VB6 to get up to speed on .NET 2.0. It also has a track/route for Java developers  for those that are interested.image

Each route offers insights into fundamental areas of .NET 2.0, geared towards your previous knowledge, there is also access to free Microsoft E-Learning Courses, which is pretty cool. I will definitely look this over since I am studying for the (now outdated) MCAD certification, so there may be a few things I can learn in here to help with work.

If there are any Java developers reading this that want to get all pissy and suggest that ".NET from Java would be ramping down lol ha :P" then don't, its a free offering from Microsoft, if you want it, take it, if not, shut up and keep developing your Java applications (as you may have noticed, I am a geek who gets real tired of geek fanaticism).

I hope you find some of the content useful!

RampUp Website
MSDN Flash

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