This Geek Becomes a "Real" Geek and Gets on "World of Warcraft" (WoW)

I have finally done it. Some of the people who's blog I watch play World of Warcraft (Rob Conery springs to mind). I decided to give the study a bit of a break this weekend, and had nothing much else on. I got bored and watched a South Park episode, and it happened to be the one all about World of Warcraft ("Make Love, Not Warcraft"). And I thought "that game does look pretty cool" (being the geek I am, I do remember the good old days playing RPG's for ridiculous amounts of time). So I thought I would check it out :)

Blizzard offer a 10-day free trial (with restrictions) after a night of sitting there for hours playing drinking beer I managed to max those out, so my account is currently being upgraded from Trial to Full :)

<geek>My little n00b Hunter kicks ass :) He's like level 21 now, I have a pet cat thing in my "stable" called Leo and currently training a pet wolf called Fido. I was training in tailoring and enchanting, but that was kinda pissing me off because it was taking so long to skill up on the enchanting. So I dropped both those (with tailoring at 150!) and re-skilled in leatherworking and skinning. They compliment each other quite well, levelling up much more quickly (too quickly TBH - I am starting to need to skin animals above my level) and making more money from selling my awesome leather goods :)

Now, I know you can only find me on my server, but I forgot what that is, and apparantly I have no way of finding out from my account page (which is kinda silly) so I will update this post once I home to say where you can find me :) What ever server I am on, I am currently tearing it up in "Ashenvale Forest" with "Astranarr" being my current home.</geek>

On a side note, WoW is where the famous "Leeroy" came about from (if you have never seen it, WATCH IT!). Leading to things such as this Lolcat :)

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft Europe
Trial Account Restrictions
Leeroy Jenkins
Leeroy Lolcat
Rob Conery's Blog

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