Vista "Unidentified Network" Issue - Revisited! [TOTALLY RESOLVED NOW!]

Well, I am not sure if you guys found my previous post on this, here's some [really] quick history.

Brand new PC, Had for about three days, all working fine, one morning, no Internet, Vista Network and Sharing Centre is telling me I am on an "Unidentified Network". I troubleshoot as much as I can, to no avail. I contact the PC vendor, their tech support is also stumped. I send the PC Vista Unidentified Networkback, and await a  replacement since we both write it off as a hardware failure.

So, yesterday my new PC arrives! I get it set up, everything is running great, I leave it on when I go to bed to allow the drive to defrag (since I had been putting lots of software on etc.). I wake up in the morning, come to my desk, wake the computer up and BAM! "Unidentified Network". I said something that sounded very much like "You gotta be hitting me", I couldn't believe it.

This time was different though, I had a lead :)

So, I get the name and model of my motherboard, its an "Asus P5N32 SLI". So I google "Asus P5N32" LAN Sleep Vista "Unidentified Network". To get some interesting results..

Looks like this motherboard does not like going to sleep. Tried resetting and going into safe mode, disabling the onboard LAN and re-enabling, all to no avail.

I then came across this site - and I came across the best tech support ever - "just pull the plug out". So I did :) Plugged it back in, Vista told me off for not shutting down, back into my desktop, back on the Internet. Problem solved! I repeat: just pull the plug out, while the computer is switched on and running. DO NOT push the power button as it is likely to put the computer to sleep again.

I will play with the settings to see if I can get the computer to sleep without destroying the onboard LAN, but in the mean time, I will be getting on to the vendor to get them to send me a NIC.

I hope this helps you guys. Fun fun fun!

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  1. Holey Moley Dude!! You're a lifesaver! I've been pulling my hair out (what little is left of it) for four days trying to fix this same problem. I tried every known solution under the sun and nothing worked. I even completely re-imaged the PC back to a much earlier working image and that didn't work. Tech support at the PC manufacturer (iBuyPower - sucky service) was useless too. I figured it was a motherboard problem (1 month after the warranty was up to) and was ready to buy a new one when I decided to search one more time for a solution and found your blog. Pulled out the plug and five minutes later I was back in business. Thank you!

  2. Great, glad I could help Robert :)

  3. thank you so much mate, I have tried everything under the sun and this is what worked!!

  4. Omg I've been pulling my hair out the past 3 days I also have p5n32-e sli plus I can't believe pulling out the plug worked I tried absolutely all suggestions this is the only thing that worked and so simple I was jus about to reinstall 2. Thanks alot


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