Windows Live FolderShare 14.0.1331.0415 Released - Changes!? Hell if I Know!

So, when signing on to my machine at home over the weekend, and of course my work machine this morning. FolderShare automatically loads and I get a little box pop up telling me that it is unable to sign in because I am running an old version, which needs to be updated.

So I figure "cool" I will update, I know normally these sorts of releases are security-critical, to stem people logging in when a known issue is located. I thought we'll soon find out once its installed.

I go ahead and install the new version (14.0.1331.0415) and wait for the release notes to pop up.. Nothing happens.. "Hmm that's odd" so I begin clicking around to see if I can find a document, web site, anything. And nothing. Zip. Nada.

So I Google "foldershare 14.0.1331.0415 "release notes"" and I have a single hit. One single hit, which takes me to a blog of some dude called Blake Handler, his blog looks interesting so I also added it to Google Reader, great. The post Google found had a link to the FolderShare team's blog, which, incidentally I never had on Google Reader, because I had never been told about it. And the development teams very own blog was almost as useful as a Google search with no real results. Not Much From the Horses Mouth...

Do you think releasing a new version with no actual release notes is acceptable?

Blake Handler's Blog
A "I'm Feeling Lucky Search" That Returns 'The One and Only' Actual Result
FolderShare Site
FolderShare Team Blog

PS: On a side note, "Nada" wasn't picked up by the spell checking in Live Writer (which I love BTW), so I Google'd that.. Interesting results! And by "nada" I do mean "nothing" :)

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