SEESFIT - Fitness in the Social Network

Those of you that follow me on twitter may have noticed that I have been using the #seesfit hashtag of late (note: hashtag's is currently down due to twitter playing up for them).

SEES-What Now?

So what is "SEESFIT"? Well, it's started off as a challenge for Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur. He had the great idea of getting people on the social network to get involved too, share our knowledge and experiences and support each other

OK, So?

So.. I think its great! As Loic was tweeting about getting started with the challenge, I was feeling more and more guilty about sitting on my ass all day. When he mentioned #seesfit (originally #ssd - social software diet) I thought "what the hell, lets get in on that!". So I did. :)

My Thoughts

I think the social software side of things will add an interesting dynamic to training and fitness. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Geeks are normally pretty good at finding, tracking and storing information. I want to put this by the test with a new kind of information that I have never really organised in the same way.
  • Social software is great for making new connections to people with expertise. So we could get a great network of good people, and a wide range of talents/knowledge/skills.
  • Its high-visibility. Yeah, its not "breaking news" on CNN or Sky, but those in the network, see the network. If you get in, then stop, people will notice. This will be good in both preventing if (you don't want to look a fool) as well as keeping people motivated.
  • The variety of social mediums available now (Twitter, FriendFeed, Wiki's, Seesmic and the like) means there are plenty of ways to get connected, it would be pretty difficult to not be able to get involved and connected in some way.
  • Who doesn't need to get fitter?! Anything promoting health and fitness in a constructive way is a good great thing IMO.
  • You don't need to be a geek to get involved! Social software is about being social! Just as you "normies" have to communicate with us geek's in the outside world, you are more than welcome to get involved online too!

OK, Lets See What You've Got

You can track my (and others) SEESFIT progress by:

You can also access my personal discussion/progress here:


A great idea, one that I am keen to follow let alone be a part of! So, get involved!

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