Can’t Link, Won’t Link #1

I have been giving my blog some thought lately, I’ve been really busy with both study and work - I really can’t wait to have my studies done next year so I can do more of what I want to do!

Like most geeks, I read a lot of information each day using RSS in my reader (I use Google Reader). Some of this does nothing for me, others spark a large amount of interest.

The sad thing is, at this point in time I rarely have a chance to follow up on it and play with my thoughts but I cant help but feel I need to at least get something down, anything! Even if I don’t get a chance to play with it myself, I can at least possibly spark interest for other people who can.

So I decided to start “Can’t Link, Won’t Link”. This will give me the opportunity to share any links I find that may be of interest, with a small summary of my thoughts on it. Hopefully, this will spark some interest your end, and will also serve as a repository and public reference point for some of my ideas (which may later become projects).

Some of the links may be new, some may be old, some may be boring, some may spark a fantastic idea!

Please comment and let me know if you will possibly find it useful!


Back to Basics: Delegates, Anonymous Methods and Lambda Expressions - Good article covering something that so many developers (myself included) may not understand entirely.

MVP Design Pattern Screencast – The good folks at the Springfield .NET UG have been kind enough to create and share a screencast on the MVP design pattern.

5 Books Every Developer Should Read – Good reading list, check out the additions in the comment too.

GTD & Lifehacking

10 Keys to Work/Life Balance – Article that has been very useful to me recently. Stepcase Lifehack has been awesome in consistently delivering great articles.

Your Creative Genius Mindset: The Essential Qualities for “Outside the Box” Thinking – Another good article from SL on getting creative.


Beware Of Deploying Debug Code In Production – Covers key points about that one little attribute in your <compilation> tag in your configuration file.

ASP.NET Patterns Every Developer Should Know – Covers some of the basic patterns that every ASP.NET web dev should know. Take note: The Singleton implementation shown is not thread safe. This is likely to be a big deal in a web application.


  1. On the ASP.NET Patterns article, we've now added an additional note from Alex Homer who wrote the article - and directed readers to two other articles around the thread-safeness issue.


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