Can’t Link, Won’t Link #2

I never got the chance to post yesterday, so there may be a double-whammy today!

GTD & Lifehacking

Solid State Drive: Enhance developers' productivity – Good article that has got me seriously thinking about upgrading my primary drive to a SSD..

Productive Brain Exercises? – Good list of mental exercises to help keep the old noggin fresh.

Google Reader – Square is the new roundVERY INTERESTING – Look at the interface Google now seem to have taken on compared to the previously linked Helvetireader..


List of talks now up on C# in Depth site – Jon Skeet, the man, the legend has posted links to his talks on the C# in Depth site.

Book: Coding4Fun, 1st Edition – Another book that popped up on the Safari radar. Looks like it may be good for those looking to get more creative and have some fun with code in their spare time (without too much digging!).


Expression WebcastsSeries of webcasts on MSDN for Microsoft Expression.

Designing the Holy Search Box – Good article looking at the design of the lowly-yet-oh-so-important “Search” box.

Book: Everything you know about CSS is wrong! 1st Edition – Added this to my Safari this morning. Touches on the common CSS vs. Tables issues and the like. May be a good read.


Controlling HTML in ASP.NET WebForms – Podcast on how to get some control back of your markup in ASP.NET WebForms.


How to fight management incompetence – Good article on overcoming some common management failings. I personally took some of this on board even though I am not a manager, especially the point about accountability.

Discuss Results, Not Tasks – Covers changing perspective to focus on what has been done rather than what must be done. Food for thought.


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