Can’t Link, Won’t Link #3


Oxite, ASP.NET MVC-based Blog – Video from the peeps at Channel9 and some code they put together :)

3 New Hands-On Virtual Labs for ASP.NET – Covering ASP.NET AJAX 3.5 SP1, Developing ASP.NET Dynamic Data and Introduction to ASP.NET MVC.

How to create nested master pages in VS2008? – Title says it all :)


New Firefox extension turns into illegal free-for-all – Dubbed “Pirates of the Amazon”, while inappropriate I thought it was an interesting concept (certainly sparked some discussion for me on Twitter). Sadly, it has already hit the rocks.

40 Ways to deliver killer blog content – as always, Chris Brogan offers good advice, I need to take a lot of this on board.
Twitter needs two Channels – Chris Brogan brings another good article about making Twitter a more useful platform/system for all concerned.

Don’t be afraid of people better than you - @SaraJChipps writes a good article on why we should deal with the fact some people are better than us, and then learn from them.


Advice on partitioning code through assembliesPatrick Smacchia offers his thoughts on how and when to create a new assembly for your code.

A fluent approach to C# parameter validation – Great article by the guys who bring you Paint.NET, the awesome free paint-replacement application (and then some).

What is a good test? - Sarah Taraporewalla offers her thoughts.


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