Open Space Coding Day (31st Jan 2009) : So It Begins..

I recently got a tweet from Alan Dean asking if I wanted to come along to Open Space Coding Day, I only had one answer in my mind: “hell yeah”.

One of my many targets for this year is to ante up my geek game (as I put it). This has many faucets, which I hope to blog about soon, one of them being network, shut up, listen and learn.

Now, I am under no illusions, I am totally ready to admit that I am not a great developer, I try hard for sure - but I know I have plenty of room for improvement. I’ve had the privilege of networking with some really smart people on services such as Twitter. Now as a student without a master, I need to make sure I expose myself to as many smart people as possible.

I am now sat on the train on my way to London Waterloo. I had to get up quite early to get it, so I’m looking quite a mess :)

Still, I can’t help but feel a little nervous, the guest list is containing some really smart people (that I am looking forward to meeting), but I really think I am going to be the guy bringing the GPA down! :S

Side Note: Just passed Winchester – beautiful sunrise. I would take a pic but the trees keep whizzing past in the way :)


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