Lets Stop Making Acronyms and Just Do It!

So, while scanning through my Google Reader this morning, I came across a post which mentioned TSD. Which is a new one to me..

“What the heck is TSD” I thought.. Turns out it is Test Supported Development. The idea of the post is that they were arguing that TSD is not TDD (Test Driven Development).

OK geek boys and girls, I have a crazy idea. How about we stop coming up with silly new names for slightly different approaches?

I think TDD and BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) have their place. They are both essentially the same, but BDD comes at it from a different angle in an attempt to shift the focus from testing to understand the required behaviour.

But a new acronym called "TSD”? WTF?

Now, I am currently working on a project that has no unit tests at all. Yup, zero. I hate it. But would I say “I’m not using TSD”? No, I would say “this project sucks as it has no unit tests”.

“TSD” should not be a “style”. Everyone should be doing it anyway. To me there is no such thing as “test supported development” as a methodology, ALL development should be test-supported!! You don’t say “I am surfing the web OHP” (over HTTP protocol) – How else would you surf the web?

So, can we please stop trying to come up with new fandangled buzzwords and acronyms to try and sound cool, especially when it is only describing something that should be a standard.

Now, I am going to go about my EFL (energy-fueled life).


  1. LOL.

    Easy dude. I'm thinking the person who wrote that probably just wanted yet-another-abstraction-layer for whatever practices whe wanted to describe.

    Of course I get your point that we don't need no stinking new abstraction layers.

  2. Actually a NUT project has a certain ring to it. (NUT = No Unit Tests).


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