GTD: Biphasic Sleep Experiment – Day 10

Physical State/Tiredness

Still a little sore after my exercise yesterday, so I thought I would have a rest day and hit the iron hard tomorrow.

In terms of tiredness, same old – zero. Now I am keeping my early-evening nap in check, all is well!

Mental State

Still very, very positive. Hailing this as the greatest thing I have done in a long time. I cannot stop myself from getting excited about it!


Started cutting the crappy foods, more white meat and steamed vegetables. Raw energy levels are grateful :)


Tomatoes Completed

Total number of Pomodori/Iterations from The Pomodoro Technique completed.

10 at work, 4 at home. I decided to cut the working eve short and have a couple of beers with a friend!

ToDo List Zero

Are all items that were on the “ToDo” list at the start of the day/added and urgent completed?

I carried a couple of items over to tomorrow since I decided to take the evening off. No biggie though, there’s nothing else on it :)

Inbox Zero

All emails in the Inbox processed. (i.e. relevant tasks created/replies sent)



I am finally starting to get used to the fact that I can take some time off now. Gone is the guilt and worry about tasks lingering over my head. I have complete faith that I will not allow myself to get back to the state I was in, so rock on, relax a bit!


No exercise today, but looking forward to workout tomorrow!


As you can see, the blog posts are pretty much BAU. For that reason, I have decided to reduce their frequency on this experiment. I’d rather spend more time blogging on the specifics I am working on now as opposed to what is giving me the free time to do it.

I believe I have covered all the basic angles to getting started, and I will continue to track the above on a daily basis and produce a “digest”.

However, as always, if you have any questions for me, then please do ask!


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