GTD: Biphasic Sleep Experiment – Day 2

So, I am just wrapping up my second day of the biphasic sleep experiment. It’s currently 02:18 here in the UK and yes, technically I am in the third day of the experiment.

Physical State/Tiredness

Starting to come down a bit now. Felt a lot better today than I did yesterday after my nap that’s for sure! Starting to feel tired now (but that makes sense since the “day” is drawing to a close).

Mental State

Still feeling great about the experiment. Brain working great still, everything seems much clearer and I am still able to keep focused (even though I am still tired/adjusting).


I definitely prefer eating lighter in the evening for my main meal and then having a smaller snack at around midnight (normal eating habits in the working day remain unaffected).

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I have also put myself on a coffee ban since I want my awake periods to be natural rather than synthetic “feel goods” caused by 100 cups of coffee. This is taking it’s toll on me since 1. I could use a cup of coffee right now! 2. I am suffering some caffeine withdrawal symptoms and have had the shakes a couple of times.


I have been thinking about how I want to measure productivity.. I think I am going to measure in “Tomatoes vs. Average” (Tomatoes coming from The Pomodoro Technique). I will also be aiming for “ToDo Zero” which basically means I got all the tasks I can do, done.

Didn’t really track much today since I had a relatively chilled day since I have been hitting it hard (and of course starting this experiment). Therefore, I am not at ToDo list zero, but not far off of it, all my boring admin is done, so tomorrow should be pretty interesting :)


None done as yet – leaving this until next week once my sleeping pattern has adjusted.


Not much to report today since I really was just taking it easy. Still find that the later hours are a great time to catch up on reading/writing. Even though I have been pretty lazy throughout the day, having the extra couple of hours really helps rein in the slack :)

I hope you like the diary layout (trying something new). Please let me know your thoughts!


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