GTD: Biphasic Sleep Experiment – Day 6

Physical State/Tiredness

Same as yesterday really. No problems at all with feeling tired and getting to sleep a hell of a lot faster.

I moved my afternoon nap forward by 30 minutes since I am heading out tonight and have a friend coming over.. This made me nervous since I know the afternoon nap is totally critical. Thankfully, this had no ill side effects (although I want this to be an exception).

I awoke after the afternoon nap, got showered and dressed and then went out and had a rocking night getting wasted!

Mental State

Really positive and excited. Today was the first day in a long time where I actually genuinely looked forward to hitting my ToDo list! Admin/boring items only accounted for two tomatoes and the rest were all things I want/like to do!


I broke my caffeine ban to have one iced latte at a coffee shop this morning. Obviously being so far from my any of my nap periods, this had no noticeable side effects.

You know the routine for meals now, small and light!


Tomatoes Completed

Total number of Pomodori/Iterations from The Pomodoro Technique completed.

6 tomatoes completed since I wanted to take some time out today. It’s Saturday and I have been working hard all week. I also wanted to make sure that I enjoy the weekend as well as get things done. The 6 tomatoes completed covered the items that had to be done as well as setting up a build server at home (something I was itching to mess around with). So all good in my mind!

There was plenty of 360 time to be had too :D I have now completed X-Men Origins : Wolverine which is actually kind of cool in itself. I have not had the game long and it shows that I have had enough time to play 360 (and still get everything I have done) that I completed a game! Of which I totally recommend, who doesn’t want to be Wolverine right?

It should be noted that I still do other productive things outside of tomatoes (i.e. read etc).. They are just not "100%-focused” activities. I think my brain is pretty conditioned to make me hate myself if I am not doing something constructive with my time :D

ToDo List Zero

Are all items that were on the “ToDo” list at the start of the day/added and urgent completed?

All important items have been completed. I have also been able to reduce a couple of the repeating “catch up” ToDo’s to a smaller frequency since there is simply not enough work there to warrant a tomato a day. This is awesome since they were boring and lame :)

Inbox Zero

All emails in the Inbox processed. (i.e. relevant tasks created/replies sent)



Fun ToDo list. I has it. Need I say more? This has so many positive factors!


I’ve been thinking about what exercise I want to bring in to play on Monday.. Will come up with a game plan on these and post these tomorrow.


I am thinking one week iterations of “clear backlog and raise the bar” might be a good idea. In this one single week I have cleared 80% of the crap in my life (I came up with a few more, so they will be coming on the ToDo and getting nailed as well).

I’m looking forward to getting some regular training integrated into my daily life again. My arms look like pieces of string and it irritates the hell out of me :)

On that note, how much training information would you guys like to see? I am increasingly aware that this blog has not been incredibly technical of late. But if people out there will find something interesting/useful I am keen to share!


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