GTD: Biphasic Sleep Experiment – Day 8

Physical State/Tiredness

I really feel I am now totally adjusted to the biphasic sleep pattern. I find myself yawning before my afternoon nap (although I don’t feel excessively tired) – but my body knows the nap is coming. I also feel a lot more “awake” during the midnight hours.

Mental State

One thing I have yet to shake is the annoying:

I am coding/geeking out and look at the clock and think “holy crap it’s late! I had better get to bed!

… and then realise I am supposed to be awake, I have done it twice already today :P

Other than that, I am really, really happy!


After my lame-ass diet over the weekend, and keeping in mind training is on the horizon I pumped myself full of vitamins today. Also grabbed several helpings of fruit and nuts etc.


Tomatoes Completed

Total number of Pomodori/Iterations from The Pomodoro Technique completed.

Once I have completed these blog posts, I will be finishing the day on 18 tomatoes. Outside of “tomato time” I also had a good hour or so on the 360, some time chilling out in a coffee shop reading my book and just some relaxed reading while prepping for training.

ToDo List Zero

Are all items that were on the “ToDo” list at the start of the day/added and urgent completed?

Once I publish this. Yes :)

Inbox Zero

All emails in the Inbox processed. (i.e. relevant tasks created/replies sent)

Yes :)


Today was a weird one.. I actually found myself looking to see what other boring admin items I could dedicate one tomato a day to, to clear off. I decided to go for “finances”. Keeping it generic I have started to review where my money is going etc, and of course will taking action on making my money work for me. Blog posts on this are likely to follow!


I have a confession to make – I was supposed to start exercise today but I didn’t. It was my own stupid fault. I should have got on with it before my afternoon nap. I didn’t. I then sat down and started tinkering with the setup on my continuous integration server. Boom! Too late to exercise.

I’ve marked the task as “postponed” on my ToDo (which makes me hate myself) so I will be picking this up tomorrow. For those interested, I have opted to start (reasonably) light with Mike Mahler’s Beginner Kettlebell Workout (available in the free eBook). I used to train with kettlebell’s before, and they are AWESOME. I also know they are bloody hard so keen to start light.

I did also order some training aids to help with recording my progress. I’ve got a blood pressure monitor, measuring tape and skin fold callipers on their way.

In terms of aims/goals – I am not looking for a green lid this time around so I won’t be training at psychotic levels. I figured I should apply KISS and just want to look good naked!

So, let project “GLGN” (Geek Looking Good Naked) commence! (by definition I must surely be doomed to failure right?) :D


I think my biggest challenge now is really finding some negatives for this experiment. I have never been so productive (and felt great with it). The only other time I have done this amount of work is when I’ve pulled all nighters – and we all know how that comes around to bite you in the ass (mentally, physically and general quality of output).

My apologies for not getting started with the exercise today and adding something new to the mix – but the CI setup is coming on nicely and I am learning loads!

I am actually really excited about starting the training routine. Based on how I am feeling right now, I think it will be a cakewalk (or at least getting started and finding the time for it will be) :P :D


  1. really enjoying following this Rob, it's a cracking read, and really interesting to see how things pan out.

    I guess the potential negative will be there once you feel you've achieved GLGN and manage to meet someone you fancy starting a relationship with.

    I wonder how this would fit in with a that? I guess that would be one of those serendipitous things anyway, so you'd not worry so much about it, but I remember saying a while back that the wife and kids would kill me if I tried it - she doesn't really like that I'm in work for 7:30 each morning, even though that's when I'm most productive, because she has to get the kids up/dressed etc. so the sleep pattern thing I think would push her over the edge! lol

    That said, keep up the good work mate - it's clearly paying dividends for you - really impressed with how you're focussing yourself.



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