Windows Mobile: Must-Have App – CleanRAM

CleanRAM I decided to upgrade my previous phone to a PocketPC/Smartphone/SomeOtherNamePhone. I ended up with the O2-branded HTC Touch “Diamond”. Overall I have been happy with the phone, but let’s be under no illusions, Windows Mobile Really Does Suck.

I have noticed that the UI will get sluggish, programs take too long to load and generally the system just falls apart. This is often a sign of poor garbage collection and memory just being zapped due to things not being tidied up properly. This is pretty much proven by a soft (switching off-and-on) reset fixing the issue.

So, I began the hunt for a free utility to help free up some RAM. And boy did I find one! It gives me pleasure to introduce CleanRAM (the site is in Hebrew so the link points to Google Translate).

What Does CleanRAM Do?

CleanRAM basically goes through and cleans out the crap on our poor memory-starved device. It has three levels of cleaning (1 being the quickest but least efficient, 3 being the slowest and most efficient). As well as a great scheduling system which causes it to automatically clean at a specified interval.

I have been running it for a couple of days now, with an hourly level 2 clean. My phone has never run better :)

And the best bit? It’s free!

If you are running a Windows Mobile device, and find you are often needing to reset, then definitely check out CleanRAM, it may be of real use to you!

A big thank you to Ronen Peleg for the great software!


  1. Thank You for great review ;)

    Download latest version (english):


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