Gifts: Be Clear on What You Wish For

Well, my birthday is rapidly approaching and I am soon to be a quarter of a century old. LAME! (on the bright side, I am a Leo, and we are AWESOME!) :D

The cool thing is, sometimes I get gifts! (I tend to get less now I am older, LAME! :). One thing I always hear when it comes to people handing over gifts is:

“I really didn’t know what to get you”

This is because I am a geek. I am pretty much the only “real” geek in my family and friends and I am inherently hard to buy for. No one really understands what I do, or what I would find interesting. This isn’t all bad.. I tend to end up with a lot of Jack Daniel’s since people know that is the easy way to my heart :)

Who Wants to Feel Bad?

But, sometimes, I have to be honest, I get a gift that TBH, is totally NOT what I would want. And I always feel really, really bad.

And no, this isn’t me being selfish, I genuinely feel bad. This person has shelled out their hard-earned cash to be kind enough to get me a gift. And sadly, I know deep down it is just going to collect dust and ultimately end up in the garbage in the next “junk I don’t use” purge. That’s just an awful position to be in. And even though people often say “I still have the receipt”, do you ever want to look them in the face and say that? Really?

Help You to Help Me

So, after much thought, I have decided to create and share an Amazon wish list to give people ideas of things that I would like. I actually saw this tip a couple of years ago on a GTD thread, I just never took action with it since I was unsure of how people might feel. But, we are all adults, and to be clear:

This is NOT me saying:

  • Buy me something.
  • I only want something off the list.

This IS me saying:

  • Feelings can get really hurt on either side of the fence with a “bad” gift. I don’t want that to happen.
  • You don’t have to get something on the list, but it could give you ideas.
  • I really appreciate the sentiment :)

So, without further ado, here is my Amazon wishlist. Do with it what you will.. Thanks a lot :)


  1. I've bought you a solar powered watch with a built-in metal detector. You'd better be grateful.

  2. I got you the flower arranging book on the list - but i'll keep the receipt just in case : )


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