TomatoTimer Now on GitHub

Not sure if you guys remember me talking about TomatoTimer in the past, but after some thought I have decided to whack it on GitHub as a public repository.

Why GitHub?

Cos it’s awesome. Even when it fails it’s awesome because I think Octocat is awesome :)

Why a Public Repo?

Put simply, there are people that were interested in using the application, and there a couple of bugs in it that I can’t guarantee a fix time on. I am not (and likely to remain not) invested in WPF applications at all at this time. I am instead focusing my efforts on ASP.NET MVC. So, rather than keep people waiting, I thought I would throw the code online so they can at least use it.

If it just so happens that someone sees the problem and they send me a pull request, even better.

Where Do I Get the Code?

You can get (read-only) access to the repository here: The code is C# 3.5, with a WPF front-end. xUnit is used for testing, and Rhino Mocks for mocking (although likely to remove as I have been working on a “mocks ban” recently and actually found it quite nice :).

Everything you need should be in there, if you come across any problems, please raise an issue and I will get it sorted ASAP for you.

Anything Else I Should Know?

The code was written a long time ago, also there was a fair bit of “let’s try this” – so the quality is not 100%. But if/when I get the chance I will do my best to clean up :) (more motivated to do so now it is in the public eye!) ;)

Hope you find it useful!


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