“1234F” When Booting Windows 7 Setup from USB Key

This was a first for me – I’ve done several installs of Windows 7 from USB key before, yet this time was different…

For some reason, I was prompted with “1234F:” – that was it, when booting from the key. Think this is because the MBR may have gone screwy because I tried to use the key in the 360 (as extra storage).

Anyway, turns out, you need to press “1” and the setup will resume as normal…

Thought I would share this in case others experience it. :)


  1. Thanks, Dude. Had the problem myself. May have originated when trying to recover OS you typed in 1 when prompted by fixboot or fixmbr. I did.

  2. A similar thing happened with me as well.. I have 2 hard drives.. So the solution was to select the proper hard drive as the first boot device from bios.


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