Pomodoro : “Nothing” and “Everything”

I just wanted to share with you a small moment of clarity I just had..

I have a pretty long commute to work (2 hrs door-to-door), so I spend 4 hours of my day getting to and from work. By the time I am home, I can feel pretty tired, so often – mess accumulates over the week and I deal with it at the weekend.

Unless I have a busy weekend.

In short, I have been living in a tip for the last week, every day I have been coming home and looking at the mess and thinking “oh man, that is going to take ages to sort”.

Well, I have recently been working on getting my geeky/productivity mojo back, so I got up this morning, made a list of things I wanted to do, and started getting on with it.

1 pomodoro later (25 minutes), the mess was gone - I had allocated 3, yes three. I kind of sat back while on my 5 minute break thinking “wow, I did all that in 25 minutes, that’s nothing!” – Well, 25 minutes in this case was everything it took to get that job done.

The moral? I have just reminded myself that:

The difference between “to-do” and “done” is DOING. The difference between “nothing” and “everything” is getting up off your ass and getting it done.


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