“Clearing and Gearing” : Looking Back at 2010

We are fast-approaching new years eve, and around this time of year I always like to look back and think forward. I tend to take a few days to really stop and think, to mentally prepare myself and get some real focus (and passion) behind what I want to do in the upcoming year.

2010 – How Did I Do?

Here is a summary of the things I have managed to get off my annual “ToDo” (loosely in order of “damn that makes me feel good!”:

The Money Makeover

Starting in June, after good times in Vegas (see below) – I realised I have (like the rest of my countrymen/women) have been spending more money than I should. The credit card was near melting point. So I decided I need to take responsibility for MY debt, and CLEAR IT. And so my “money makeover” journey began.

After 7 months (June-December), I am pleased to announce I have cleared £9,032 of debt. Which I think is totally fucking awesome!

I was hoping I would break £10K, but I think I would have had to surrender items like food and clean pants and I have to be honest, I am not sure if I am that committed =)

The Job

Like most people, I tend to reflect on how my working life is going at the end of the year. I am pleased to say last year I stopped bitching and started leaving. I am now even more pleased to say, I am in a new job, where I intend to stay in the new year =)

The Home

Not being emo, but I have always been a bit of a loner – I like my own space. So, I wanted to get back to having my own apartment. I am now happily residing in a two bedroom apartment all to myself.

The Work:Life Balance

I was working a lot last year – I totally lost the work:life balance. I was stressed, and it showed. This year, I managed to get a great holiday to Vegas sorted, cut loose and cut the crap. I am no longer doing overtime (if you are productive in your working time, you shouldn’t need it). I have also started getting into other extra-curricular’s (e.g. rock climbing) =)

I Woke Up

I am throwing this one in at the end, since it’s a bit of an odd one, but arguably the one with the potential to be the most “awesome” out of the lot.

Over the past few years, I have been working so hard on getting out of a rut, I kinda forgot why I wanted to get out of the rut in the first place. I’ll spare the details, but in short, there came a point this year when I realised I am in fact human and can in fact die (who knew?). This got me asking myself “what the fuck am I doing?”.

Then, at some point, everything fell in to place in my mind. All these books from awesome people that I have read, the things I have heard in podcasts and random nuggets of motivational goodness I came across on teh intertubez all made sense. I seemed to be ticking all the boxes, but what do I have to show for it? REALLY?

I have been rethinking, refocusing and re-aligning everything. It’s time for change. It’s time for “Rob 2.0”. I have managed to do some great stuff this year, but it’s all practice for the big dance baby. It was a long time ago that I felt I had this much passion, this much “fire in my belly”, and I have to say it feels good great.

I feel like a storm is coming, and I am the creator.


  1. I LOVE that last paragraph and last line. Great stuff, go get em!!

  2. Look forward to seeing what Rob 2.0 comes up with. Awesome :-)


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