“Clearing and Gearing”: Looking Forward to 2011

Following my reflection on 2010, let’s get to looking forward!

Before we begin, I just want to cover a few points:

  • I started with a “realistic” goal, then pushed the boat out a bit (I’d rather be unreal-istic).
  • There is a heavy financial focus this year, since I want to continue my financial liberation after being consumed by debt for so long.
  • Each goal has clear “success” criteria. By the end of the 2011, I should either be able to tick the box, or not. KISS.

So, let’s get on with it!

Supplement Income by 25%

Pretty simple here, I want to take my salary, then find a way to get an additional 25% on there. Whether this is by moonlighting, building and selling stuff, selling myself*, I don’t care, whatever. The 25% increase to “income” will naturally enable me to do more, but the focus is here is to actually get more creative about how I make money (as opposed to waiting for that paycheck).

* Worlds most boring and unattractive gigolo anyone?

Reduce Fixed Outgoings by 25%

Figured this would go well with the above. While I would love to earn more, I’d also love to spend less. Having started my money makeover, I was amazed at how much I spent on stuff what I wanted vs. what I actually needed. Sitting on this little gem of information and doing nothing would be stupid.

This includes costs like housing, utilities and transport costs. Since starting the makeover, everything is constantly under scrutiny anyways =)

Leave the UK at Least Four Times

This country sucks. Enough said.

OK, if you want some more – I have been here all my life, I have only flown away twice. This lame island is only a tiny spec on the earths surface. There are many more interesting places and people to see. Start doing it.

Downsize the Apartment

This may seem contrary to my previous post, but it is not. I love having my own place, and will continue striving to have my own place. But I know I can get by with less space (no rhyme intended). So once my lease is up, I am committed to downsizing. Besides, with the minimalism project in full swing, it’s going to look empty by then!

Launch at Least One Product that is *At Least* Self-Sustaining

I have been sat around daydreaming of running my own thing for years now. There’s been lots of talk, lots of ideas and ZERO shipping. Stop talking, start doing. I want at least one paid-for product by the end of the year. Oh, and it needs to be good enough for people to pay for it =)

The product needs to be paying for itself by the end of the year. If I can draw and additional income from it by the end of the year, I will consider it a bonus =)

In Summary…

These are pretty simple and high-level goals. Sure, nothing is set in stone, but I really, really want to get these done to get me in good stead for some of the bigger/scarier goals that I want to tackle before I get closer to my thirties =) (FYI: that’s 4 years away).

And yes, the gears are already moving on all of these =)


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