Minimalism: My 2011 Goals

I have recently started my minimalism journey, and while I have yet to blog about it (TBH, there is enough out there already), I certainly intend to pick up the pace and really lean down in 2011.

So, I thought I would quickly share my goals with you =)

I have divided my current aims into three phases, obviously these might change slightly over time, but this is what I am committing too right now. I have also started “Phase One”.

Phase One – “First Pass” and the “Big Stuff” (By End of Jan 2011)

  • Obvious Clothing - Old, Worn and Rarely-Used Items
  • TV Gone
  • 360 Gone
  • CD’s and DVD’s Gone
  • Old Computer Bits and Components Gone
  • First Pass of Household Items

Here I am simply getting a handle on the “wood through the trees”. Also, I want to clear the obvious distractions from the house (namely the TV and 360).

Phase Two – Getting Lean and Preparing for Downsizing (By End of Mar 2011)

  • Clothing to 50 Items or Less (Likely Less =))
  • 1 Lightweight Yet Powerful Laptop
    (Thinking of Going for Souped-Up Apple MBP – Suggestions?)
  • Office Cleared (Bookshelf and Desk Gone)
  • Kitchen Items Sorted and Refined

Here I am looking to really get my items down to the bare essentials as well as remove the need for a 2nd room, thus enabling the downsize of the apartment.

Phase Three – Downsized and Mobile! (By End of Jun 2011)

  • Smaller Apartment – Down to 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Suitcase for Everything I Care About
    • Not “Everything”
    • Namely: Clothing, Gadgets, Passport =)

Very simple here, I simply want to be able to go where I want, when I want. At this point I should be in much cheaper accommodation (normally making shorter leases possible too). Everything I need should be able to get into one large suitcase so I can simply pack and go!

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  1. I like the way you think... cutting your journey to minimalism into smaller pieces. I might make a similar plan for 2011. Thanks!

  2. Hi Rob,

    Cool to see other people downsizing too. I started getting rid of stuff I don't need in September. I just made two simple rules for myself.

    1 - Throw something out (or give it away) every day. and
    2 - Throw two things out for every new thing I buy.

    With the amount of books, cd's, dvd's and computer games I have this is actually pretty easy to keep up for a long time. It helps me to make this a long term process instead of a quick short clean-up, this way it's easier to make it a permanent part of my life.

    Good luck with minimalism :-)


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