2011 Update: What's Done & What Will Be Done

Hey Guys!

Long time no speak right! I said in my previous post that I had been busy, so I thought I would share with you what I have been up to, and what's on the plan for the rest of 2011.

Here's where I stand on my 2011 goals:

Financial Goals

  • Supplement Income by 25% - The plan here was to get more creative about how I earn my cash. Rather than floating from paycheck to paycheck, I wanted to get more money from more sources. I am pleased to say I have formed my own company, have my first contracting gig signed and am starting to flesh out my first product idea, which I want a working prototype well before the year is out. By the end of the year, my turnover would be yielding an increase of about 23-25% extra on last years income. WIN.
  • Reduce Fixed Outgoings by 25% - As well as trying to make more, I want to spend less - I want to funnel cash into doing stuff rather than spending it on mindless crap. I am super-pleased to say that I have reduced by fixed outgoings by 60%. AWESOME WIN.

Personal Goals

  • Leave the UK at Least 4 Times - Left twice so far, to the US (Las Vegas) and Amsterdam. Both were awesome. Planning another trip after my contract is up, but may try and sneak in a small break somewhere else. WIP.
  • Downsize the apartment - Done, now living in a flatshare with 3 awesome peeps. All my crap now easily fits in to what is an "small double bedroom". Next step, a suitcase! WIN.
  • Launch at least one product that is *at least* self-sustaining - I have an idea that has been floating around in my head for about the past year, I think it's a great idea - but it doesn't mean anything while it's in my head. I have been doing a lot of research on customer development and lean startup. Looking forward to getting a working prototype out there in the not-to-distant future. WIP.

Minimalist Goals

See here for my minimalist goals.

  • Up to phase 3 - which is almost complete, just need to get down to 1 suitcase! Looks like I might just miss my deadline, but I'll take it :D WIN.

So, that's what's been keeping me busy, a lot of change in progress and a lot of mental re-moulding has been taking place. Since moving to London (oh yeah, I didn't mention that above, I re-located too) I found that I fell into classic London habits of just running around like a headless chicken. I have found myself recently stopping and getting back to being busy, but not a busy ant.

Good times!

More soon :)


  1. You are having an absolutely incredible year so far and thats no accident. Everything that you have achieved and are on the way to achieving is because you work fucking hard to make sure that your life is going the way you want it to. I really learn a lot from the amazing way you approach life and how you make things happen for yourself!

    Huge congrats on your progress so far, so massively excited for you and to see what the rest of the year will bring. No doubt all awesome :)


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