Finding a Cure for the Creative Itch


I am on a journey, and I am walking pretty fast - it feels great, it's invigorating. As I progress, I find myself entering a new environment, one that I have yearned for but is still somewhat alien to me. I am entering a strange new land and I need to acclimatise.

My Journey Thus Far

I am working my way toward my dream. I have freed myself of the corporate shackles and now working on my own project in the background while contracting. Once I have enough cash in the bank, I intend to quit work altogether and go full time on said project to bring it to fruition (or fail and move on).

But as I progress towards this strange new world, I feel one key emotion - sheer excitement. Yes, there is a little fear in there too, but this is the indicator of doing something worth doing. Risk often means greater reward. Rewards are exciting. Yay.

My Best Allergic Reaction Yet

But, I have found myself suffering with something...

I have discovered that the only thing really holding me back from doing something - anything, is me. This has caused my mind to literally explode with ideas. I keep seeing new problems and thinking "how can I solve that?". Not in my traditional "with code" geeky sense, but I am thinking about businesses, profits, sustainability, what people do I need to pay to help me make it happen?

It's fun, it's exciting - but it's overwhelming and distracting me from my current work. It's a really bad itch.

A Cure For the Itch

Right now, I am trying to get over this by simply getting my ideas down into mind maps and thinking "I will come back to it later" and just trying to get my brain back on track. This kind of works, but I find it really hard shutting my brain off once I get excited.

The thing is, I can't help but feel that I cannot be alone here!

How do you find a cure for the itch?


  1. Hey Rob,

    try to keep cool. Take one step after the other.

    Good luck for your project and enjoy the excitement!


  2. I can really identify with this. I find it can often be quite difficult to finish things, because by that time there are so many new ideas and whatnot floating around which are just begging to be tried.

    Glad I'm not the only one :)


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